Creating personalized, Customer-Centric Experiences

While the concept of seamlessness may seem pretty simple at first glance, it masks a deep level of complexity.

Customer Journey for digital sales

—Creating truly seamless customer experiences requires brands to consolidate their efforts in offline and online channels while merging internal factors like IT, marketing, sales digitalization, and business operations as much as possible.

They also require transformative initiatives like online and offline data integration, end-to-end sales funnel tracking, contact center integration, modernized data management, process improvement, and so much more.
As complex as it might seem, a few common denominators link everything: technology, data, and collaborative, strategic operating models.

Customer CentricJourneys

These key enablers give brands the power to improve their sales processes, better communicate with customers, break down organizational silos, maximize the value of their data, and, as a result, produce personalized, customer-centric experiences in both physical and digital worlds.
Digital sales chart for a company

There are four enablers to creating the ultimate customer-centric journey with a comprehensive business strategy and vision:


Connected Data

It’s crucial to establish a framework to collect, manage, and use data, from creating a unified data model and managing the data to running advanced models and utilizing data for marketing actions. Zero-party data and first-party data are also crucial as part of a “cookieless” world, along with online and offline data integration.


Integrated Technology

With the right technology, brands can build a unique data collection layer with the proper data consent management. In addition, the architecture should be capable of activating data and use cases in different marketing channels, not only analytics.


Collaborative Operating Models

To reduce fragmentation in customer journeys, you first need to eliminate silos between existing teams, creating collaboration pods of multidisciplinary teams from different functions and business areas.


Omnichannel Media

Brands need to think more broadly about their media channels. The web is no longer the only environment where we can capture leads. Advertising platforms can integrate contact formats, which allow us to capture user information without the need for them to reach our website. Formats such as “lead ads” on Facebook or “lead forms” in Google search engines are clear examples of this trend.

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