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Imagining the future OF SALES

Planning digital Sales for the future

The future of digital sales is limited only by your imagination.

With today’s technology, we can focus on working to improve communication and sales channels simultaneously, integrating and connecting technology with marketing and sales operations for a seamless customer experience.

Imagine real-time analysis

from every digital and non-digital touchpoint and channel within each of the customers’ journeys.

Imagine visibility into the status

of qualified leads and sales prospects at their respective stages of nurturing.

of customers
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expect consistent interactions across departments, yet 54% say it generally feels like sales, service, and marketing teams don’t share information.

Digital sales data report

—To achieve that future and accelerate their digital sales, brands must merge business, marketing, and technology within a

consumer view
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which requires multidisciplinary teams and advanced analytical capabilities.

In this Sentinel Report, we will:


Set the stage for the landscape of digital sales


Create personalized, customer-centric experiences


See how different industries are facing this new world including:

Financial services, Energy, Travel, and Telecommunications.

We will dive into future scenarios, detailing the technologies, operating models, data management programs, and collaborative governance required for sales organizations to advance towards the right future.

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Create better experiences for your customers by using technology to connect data with marketing and sales operations.