How AI is changing the narrative

Get valuable insights and gain a competitive advantage with this new report!

In this report, you will get:

Data on the financial impact of AI in the industry.

Insights on the future of how stories are created and consumed.

Expert opinion on how to adopt AI and gain a competitive advantage.

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billion dollars projected for the global media and entertainment market size of AI by 2030.
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billion dollars projected for generative AI in the music market by 2032.

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potential increase in the value of products thanks to the power of storytelling.
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lower costs for client acquisition with the use of AI.
Industry experts expose the impact of AI in the media and entertainment industry!
“Our multidisciplinary team is immersed in transformational capabilities made possible by AI, including audience subscriber and viewership acquisition, maintenance, and continuity.”
Senn Moses
Managing Director, Media and Entertainment Studio at Globant
Join the AI revolution in the media and entertainment industry
by exploring the practical applications, monetization opportunities, creative impact, and future possibilities of AI in media and entertainment in this report.
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