A New Banking Era

The financial industry is on the cusp of a new era driven by the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

With the increasing adoption of AI-enabled solutions, financial institutions are experiencing a paradigm shift in their operations.
This report dives into the financial sector’s journey to adopt AI smartly and efficiently, highlighting this innovation process’s challenges, changes, opportunities, and rewards.
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of Financial Services organizations with 5,000+ employees have adopted AI.
The Economist Intelligence Unit Study.
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of financial services organizations anticipate AI to possess high or very high overall importance to their businesses within two years.
Global survey on AI in Financial Services by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance and the WEF”

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In this report, we will:

Discuss practical applications of AI in banking.

Explore the readiness of companies to implement AI.

Consider the ethical implications of these technologies.

Look into the future of AI in financial services.

Read from industry experts on how AI will change consumer banking!
“In the past, only technical bank personnel had AI knowledge, while those in risk and marketing focused on profit. Now, AI knowledge is expanding, and sales departments will push for AI use in pricing recommendations.”
Lander Gamboa Sanz
Director of the Finance Studio at Globant
Join the AI revolution in the financial industry
by exploring the practical applications, readiness, ethical implications, and future possibilities of AI in banking in this report.

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Learn more about how AI is changing the paradigm in financial services in this new report.