a game-changer for every industry

In this Sentinel Report, we will:

The genesis of a ground breaking technology

Blockchain technology stands out for its transparency, immutability, repudiation, security, scalability, and efficiency, leading companies to use it to improve customer experiences.

“The global blockchain market will be worth $1,431.54 billion by 2030.”
-Grandview Research

“Blockchain enables the democratization of ´normally inaccessible´ assets and investments to the average individual…(to) transact whenever they think they can benefit the most.”
-Nelly Ortiz, Director of the Business Hacking Studio, Globant

Blockchain technology explained

The triggers that changed the rules

Blockchain opens the door to new industry opportunities through five triggers defining it's primary practices, allowing businesses to reinvent how they operate.

“In 2021, the blockchain market was valued at US$4.9 billion and could hit US$67.4 billion by 2026.”
-Research and Markets

“Blockchain solutions enable industries, empower businesses, and open the door to tangible decentralized reinvention.”
-Marcio Degiovannini, Co-Founder of Atix Labs, a Globant Division

Blockchain is permeating every industry

Through various blockchain applications and its decentralized foundation, industries will take on a new shape, revolutionizing business models and paving the path to what will become web 3.0.

“The blockchain market in manufacturing grew at a rate of 73% in 2022.”

“Everyone has a stake in understanding the potential of blockchain, there is not an industry that is not touched by blockchain or will be impacted by it.”
-Avijeet Dutta, Technology Director, Data and AI Studio, Globant

A trailblazer in the tech world

Blockchain technology has become a crucial step toward the future of humankind, empowering people, industries, and organizations. We are just now seeing some of its early possibilities. However, the best is yet to come.

“Blockchain in agriculture and food will reach a value of $1.48 billion by 2026.”
-BIS Research

“Blockchain is an enabler for real-time, easy integrations and a highly scalable solution for transactionality.”
-Fernando Cea, Technology Director, Globant

Explore the path to reinvention through blockchain technology.

A world of decentralized possibilities is expanding, creating groundbreaking solutions for every industry through blockchain integration.

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Blockchain, a game-changer for every industry