Trends Report

How innovative technologies drive business reinvention, create exceptional experiences, and enhance high-performing workplaces

Digital Trends Report 2022


The pace of change in the tech field has increased exponentially over the last several decades.

As we begin 2022, it has never been more important for businesses to reinvent themselves as they adjust to shifting priorities and demands from both their customers and their employees.


The metaverse will create new spaces for companies to extend their presence, offering, and creativity, maximizing engagement with clients and employees.


Long associated with the gaming industry, we will quickly see it expand into other industries. Organizations will be pushed to start modifying their business model as they consider how the metaverse can grant them a competitive edge.

$800 billion market opportunity in the metaverse.



Remaining human-centric in the midst of technological advances in AI and machine learning will be critical.

Human-centric AI

Prioritizing the customer will continue to allow for better digital experiences. AI and machine learning are aiding in automating processes to increase efficiency, optimize data collection, and simplify decision-making. It is imperative to maintain a human-centric approach to these technologies, bringing people and technology together.

The market for responsible AI solutions will double in 2022.



Blockchain and decentralization will drive business reinvention.


Blockchain is a technology with the possibility to make radical changes across multiple industries. While the ability to provide decentralized financial transactions is known, blockchain can also offer secure and decentralized ways to store and share information.

$19 billion spent on blockchain by 2024.



Reinvention of business models will focus on ensuring resilience through multi-industry strategic alliances and a new customer relationship.

Reinventing business models

Transformation will continue to be an essential capability for almost all industry business models. To continue driving growth, organizations must take proactive steps to identify new business opportunities and detect places for optimization and efficiencies.

70% of all organizations will accelerate their use of digital technologies.



Adaptability, flexibility, and sustainability are key drivers to maintaining a high-performing workplace.

High-performing workplaces

New talent strategies will be to invest in digitizing employee experience while transforming the relationship between employers and employees. It’s important to engage diverse talent pools and create new work processes that go beyond the pandemic and are sustainable over time.

20.2 million workers quit their job between May and Sept 2021.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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How innovative technologies drive business reinvention, create exceptional experiences, and enhance high-performing workplaces.